The EU-Passworld Project

The aim of EU-Passworld is to strengthen the linkage between Community Sponsorship and Complementary Pathways as a crucial nexus to both enhance refugees’ integration, and significantly scale numbers.

Implementing CP for student and labor mobility

The project aims to enhances the work carried out by grassroots civil society organizations and volunteers, in cooperation with Governmental bodies, adopting a citizen and community-centered approach, and relies on two main leverages: structured engagement method of citizens, local authorities, civil society, churches, universities and private sector; 

and the building of an efficient and effective complementary pathways machinery and framework (Policy design)

The proposal will develop activities in Italy, Belgium and Ireland

The project will analyze, exchange and compare national programs with other EU and non-EU countries (Canada and the UK) developing similar pathways. Exchanges will allow to leverage results, and will help foster EU’s role globally as a key source of innovation in the complementary pathways space.