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In its Projected global resettlement needs 2021, UNHCR estimated that 1.44 million refugees are in need of resettlement. In that context, expanding access to safe and legal pathways to third countries is urgently needed to support host countries facing large numbers of refugees and expand protection space for refugees.

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This interactive map provides an overview of the projects and actors involved in the development of complementary pathways. Find out more about the projects, get in touch with the actors, and get referred in the SAFE interactive map!

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The SAFE web space 

As part of the SAFE project, UNIMED established information and support operational desks within the UNHCR office in Morocco and in three UNIMED associated universities: the University of Setif, Algeria, Dukok University, Iraq/Krg, and the University of Cagliari, Italy. The desks are meant to facilitate the mobility of three refugee students, from each of the universities, for a Master’s degree at the University of Cagliari. These desks have been designed to support the implementation of university corridors. 

As part of their activities within the SAFE project, UNIMED created an online plateform – the “SAFE web space” – dedicated to sharing training resources, experience, knowledge and opportunities between the SAFE desk offices, and ad-hoc support services for refugee students – called R-SOS, Refugee Student Operational Support Units, created through a previous Erasmus+ project named RESCUE, in Iraq/Krg, Lebanon and Jordan. 

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