Strengthening Refugee Engagement in Community Sponsorship Programs


Date: 2023

Country: Afghanistan

Type of legal pathway: Private sponsorship schemes

Language: English

Description: Speakers: Meiron Avidan, Integration Coordinator, HIAS Europe Anna Coulibaly, Project Officer, Refugee Sponsorship, International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC) Europe Mawaheb A. Elnour, Medical student and volunteer sponsor in Ireland. Moderator: Susan Fratzke, Senior Policy Analyst, Migration Policy Institute. While efforts to incorporate refugee voices into humanitarian protection practices continue to gain momentum, meaningful consultation of refugees in sponsorship program operations remains limited. And there is little reflection on opportunities for improvement. In this webinar, speakers examined the challenges that hinder refugee participation in sponsorship program design and operation and explore meaningful ways, tools, and mechanisms for effectively expanding refugeesu2019 role in current and future programs. The conversation showcased innovative initiatives that are already making strides in refugee involvement. This webinar was convened under the Building Capacity for Private Sponsorship in the European Union project (known as CAPS-EU), which is working to build capacity to design, implement, sustain, and scale up community sponsorship programs for refugees. Led by the Irish Refugee Protection Programme (IRPP) and supported by the Belgian reception agency (Fedasil) and MPI Europe, the project is co-financed by the European Commission under the Asylum, Migration, and Integration Fund.