Selam’s story

Author: UNHCR 

Date: June 2023

Country: All 

Language: English 

Complementary pathway: Family reunification 


Description: Many refugees and asylum-seekers on the move along the Central Mediterranean rute leave behind or get separated from their families at different stages of their journey. While the family reunification process should in theory benefit any eligible family member, refugees worldwide, particularly children, often face significant difficulties and barriers in accessing family reunification. These include understanding the complex application process, obtaining requested documentation, accessing the relevant Embassy, affording costs (DNA tests, travel expenses, etc), obtaining exit visas, or other obstacles. In order to foster an understanding of refugees’ rights and their eligibility to family reunification, in addition to the support and assistance UNHCR and partners provide, UNHCR office of the Special Envoy produced this short animation video targeting refugees and asylum-seeking children and youth, as well as vulnerable adults and families.