Refugees as Migrant Workers After the Global Compacts? Can Labour Migration Serve as a Complementary pathway for People in Need of Protection into Sweden and Germany

Author: Zvezda Vankova

Date: November 2022

Country: Sweden & Germany

Type of legal pathway: Labour mobility

Language: English 

Description: : Both the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration and the Global Compact on Refugees commit states to diversify and expand on labour migration opportunities, in particular by facilitating work-based ‘complementary pathways’ for the admission of refugees. Yet, almost four years after their adoption, such pathways remain limited in many cases. It is the aim of this article to examine the constraints posed by existing immigration laws to serve as an admission ground for people in need of protection and the key legal, policy and political issues that need to be addressed to allow the commitments related to labour migration-based pathways contained in the Compacts to be implemented in national legal systems.