Recent Canadian Research on Migrant Integration

Author: Ian Van Haren

Date: 2022

Country: Canada

Type of legal pathway: All

Language: English

Description: This report provides a scoping review of Canadian research that uses administrative data to study the integration experiences of immigrants. There are five areas of research identified in 37 studies published since 2015, including studies on internal mobility, health, transitions to Permanent Resident status, occupational fit, and economic adaptation. Summaries of findings in each area are presented. This is followed by a brief discussion of the strengths and limitations of using administrative data to study migrant integration. Studies that find differences between immigration entry categories on outcomes claim different reasons for the divergence: research on economic migrants often highlights selection policy while research on the integration of resettled refugees overlooks selection and attributes different integration trajectories to variation in post-arrival integration support. After noting this inconsistency, the report calls for new approaches to research that capture additional data or considers alternate analytical approaches.